Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Me-Made Update!

I am officially not very good at getting pictures of myself. I don't blame me, I blame the sun. It always seems to have set by the time I remember to get a picture and as bad as I am as getting the picture done OUTSIDE, it only gets worse INSIDE. That being said, I just managed to get pictures of the past eleven days worth of outfits. And now you may see four.

Day Six
I honestly have no idea what went on this day, but I do know I wore my bermudas! Something I made with a crotch seam! WOOHOO! I found the fabric in New York in March, and I decided that something needed to be done with it Alas, bermudas. They're a little worn... apparently the washing machine is not the best place for silk, haha. 

Me Made Bermudas

 Day Seven

Another day of babysitting, another comfortable outfit. You're going to see this skirt a few times (3 that I know of at the time being.) It's comfortable and I like it.

Me Made Skirt
 Day Eight- Outfit 1
I found this skirt while cleaning out my fabric bins! So double win, I purged some old fabric and found a skirt. I made this skirt a few years back with the intention of selling it on Etsy. We see how well that turned out.
Me Made Wrap Skirt
 Day Eight- Outfit 2

My dad, nephew and I went to a Mud Hens baseball game in the evening.  I wanted something super comfortable to wear so I whipped up this dress while I was babysitting. (My niece and nephew seemed pretty in to watching me create it so I was NOT neglecting my duties!) The game was fun and I was comfortable:)
Me Made Dress
 Day Nine

A new thing for me this year- wearing shorts. I have this pair of Old Navy shorts that I always put on, think they're way too short and tight, but end up wearing them all day because HEY! It was hot and they stay pretty cool. I made this blouse during my first quarter of college. We had to make a blouse from a pattern so the school could see that we knew how to sew. I used some random fabric from my house and it has bright orange buttons! I'm surprised how much wear I've actually gotten out of it.

And that's my update. Much more to come:)

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