Friday, April 29, 2011

More cute things:)

Recently I was commissioned to make 3 nightgowns and 3 party dresses for the dolls of 3 granddaughters of a very nice grandmother. The specifics were merely that the nightgowns were to be more like the historical doll nightgowns, the party dresses needed to sparkle, and she wanted the garments to match the girls' favorite colors.

The lace was a last minute decision, and I'm glad I added it!

This is by far my favorite nightgown. It's kind of hard to see but the bodice is covered in lace. I just wanted to hold my Bitty Baby like a real little baby, she's so cute!

And the party dresses:
This fabric was pretty cool, it was slightly tie-dye (not ombre because the effect was more sporadic) and the sparkles were little piece of metal, not just sparkles. My needle almost broke a few times trying to get over them, but it's really cute

Please excuse the poor little baby's toes... She fell victim of one of our dogs from years gone by... she normally tries to wear tights to keep her little almost piggies hidden.

And my favorite party dress, I love the sparkles on the fabric! And there are still sparkles floating around my sewing room, and ironing board, and house...
I really like making the little dolls clothes, I get to pattern and fit and sew a new design, and it takes minimal time and fabric!

Which outfit is your favorite?

Me-Made-June '11

I, Becky from, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavor to wear at least one self made garment or accessory each day for the duration of June 2011.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011