Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pictures as Promised!

I promised a while back that I would post some pictures of stuff I've been working on! I now have pictures of one of the prom dresses of the season:)

I had lots of fun working with my friend on her dress. It started with us needing to find a fun print, and me deciding that these peacock printed sheets from JCPenney would work pretty well. And they did! Her other requests were an open back and sparkles! It only took about 2 fittings to get the straps to stay up and to get the fit just right. The sequins and beading on the bodice and straps took somewhere around 25 hours to complete. (I love doing that kind of hand work!) And BONUS! There's a pocket.

And don't they look cute together??? :D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Lazy Day Turned Great

I posted a few hours back saying how my feet were cold and I didn't feel like sewing just yet. since then, I have finished a skirt and started another project.

I made a pair of striped Bermuda shorts sometime last week, still don't have pictures, but I really like the pattern I created for them. I usually have a lot of difficulties drafting pants patterns. I like it enough that I knew I would need to use it quite a few times, SO I'm making some denim Bermudas! Denim!  had the perfect sized cut of dark, slighty stretch denim in my stash. And I'm topstitching and putting in a fly (it may be a mock fly) but still they're kind of a new thing for me. I can't wait to finished them, but I need more topstitching gold thread and it's 11:30 at night and the store is closed... :/ So they should be finished tomorrow!:D
It's already May 17th and I'm not entirely sure I have enough Me-Made things to make it through next month! And sitting here playing on the internet because my feet are cold and I don't fell like sewing just yet is not very productive. But alas, I shall sew! Pictures soon!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Progress Report

I don't have pictures of anything at the moment so this is just my little update.

I finished one prom dress a few weeks ago and my friend's prom is this weekend (tomorrow to be exact!) so I should have some pictures to share soon. Her theme was Jungle, and the dress is quite fitting to that. I'll keep you waiting for more:)

My other prom dress is shaping up, it needs a small alteration, a zipper and some beading and it'll be all ready for her prom next Saturday! And she tried it on the other day and loved it (which makes me feel awesome!)

I took a small break from dresses and drafted myself a pair of bermudas. I was really sad looking at all my beautiful fabrics I bought in NYC and knowing I haven't been able to use any of them, so I have shorts! But the kind of shorts I can wear to work, which is very useful. I normally don't like to wear shorts or capris, so I surprised myself when I started loving the bermuda length. They are very comfortable and I know I will be using my pattern over and over again, and hopefully soon because I need a few more things to wear for Me-Made-June!

So that's pretty much life right now, like I said, pictures will follow I just don't happen to have them yet!