Saturday, June 18, 2011

Me Made June Days 10, 11, 12 and 13!

You weren't expecting an update so soon were ya! I have all these photos that are just begging to be shown! Mostly because I like the outfits I wore the 14th and 15th a lot... so I have to get through all the fluff to get there! So here's the fluff!

Day 10
My first re-wear! But I wore it much cuter this day. My dad bought those beads for me on my parent's last vacation and I find myself wearing them with almost everything. And the dress is still comfortable and cute, I'm not sure if it actually goes with the blue sweater but it works.

Me Made Dress
Day 11 (a)

I worked this Saturday! So I had to feel put together. I wore my brown jersey dress, which came into being just before the month started. I'm glad it did because it's comfortable and feels nice to just slip on something easy and still look put together. I used the belt from a vintage dress.

Me Made Dress
Day 11 (b)
Now for a different look! I went out with some friends and wanted to wear this skirt I made last month. It's out of some upholstery suede and cotton, so washing it has proved challenging... Febreeze and spot cleaning anyone? Apart from the waist being about a smidge too small I like it! And it has pockets, so I don't need to carry a purse! I should probably get a better picture of the skirt because I really like the pleats and pockets and waistband in the front.

Me Made Skirt

Day 12

Sunday! I taught my Sunday School Class, and a long dress is usually a good thing to do that in. Unless it's a windy day and you're trying to push kids on a tire swing. I had to hold the skirt with one hand and push the kids with the other haha. This dress dates back to my second to last quarter of school. I finished my draping II copy with two and a half weeks left of the quarter so I decided to start another one. This one using a much less expensive polyester chiffon. I finally officially finished this last June, to wear to my grad party. I have been wearing it a lot lately, it's a really good dress for work. And I don't know why I look so grumpy.

Me Made Dress

Day 13
One of my absolutely favorite pieces. I started this last August with the intention of being able to wear in it Paris in September.  I just got totally swamped with packing and other stuff that I know I completely forget that I wasn't able to finish it. Believe me when I say this though, I DREAMED about this dress in Paris. I was sad that this was sitting at home as a UFO instead of being worn on my many trips around the city seeing stuff and eating more stuff. I finished it as soon as I could once I made it back home. This dress was also on of my first attempts at screen printing and using the screen print in the design and idea of the garment.

Me Made (and printed!) Dress

And that's that:)


  1. holy cow i LOVE the sailboat dress for day 13!!

  2. Thanks! It's one of my favorites too:)