Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In case you were wondering...

I did indeed finish that doll clothes collection I mentioned a while ago. It helped raise some good money to help the Lupus Foundation, and the winner of the silent auction basket just happened to be my niece:) Of course she had at least four grown-ups bidding for her (since she wasn't allowed to be there). And here are the results:

Lydia is modeling the basics- a nice yellow t-shirt, a topstitched denim skirt and a pair of brown leggings. Accessorized with leopard print shoes and a beaded necklace

Lindsay is wearing my favorite outfit, a lined, printed cotton dress and shrug with metallic gold threads.

One of my niece's designs, worn by Addy,  features a square neckline and a printed waistband.She's accessorizing with a floral, elastic headband.

Kit is rockin' the jeans. I vowed that the collection needed some jeans; I remember always searching for jeans for my dolls to wear with all of their pretty shirts.

This is the same shirt as above, also inspired by my nieces designs, worn with a printed, lined and tiered skirt. 

I also included a garment bag made from a very bright floral and polka dotted quilted fabric and a small matching pouch for all of the accessories.

Awesome news from this: I got a call today about making some more :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday Night

Well, yesterday I did something I don't usually do. I paid FULL PRICE for a pair of pants. But they're wonderful and they go with my sweater so :P haha.

Anyways, the doggie coats are done! And they look pretty adorable! They were just picked up and they were very loved! I don't have pictures of the scotties in their coats but I do have pictures of the coats!

One for each Scotty girl in each school theme

My signed graduation dog modeling one coat

And the back!

Schools being proudly displayed

I must say, these were a hoot from the beginning, I never really thought I'd be making dog coats but they are cute and pretty simple.. the embroidery and iron-on transfers gave me the most grief. And it was the first time I've worked with nylon rip-stop fabric, which was interesting, but I think the fleece lining gives them nice shape.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lots of things on the chopping block right now! A wedding dress, a prom dress, four doggie coats and stuff just for me to sell:) Working hard!