Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween! (In November!)

Now that it's been more than a year since my last post, I will go ahead and update this.

The most exciting of sewing adventures lately has been Halloween. I decided this year to go as Alice, as in the one from Wonderland. Here are pics!

Ignore the grimace, as happy as I was to finally get pictures of this costume I am still horrible at getting my picture taken.

The back! As you can see, it's a shirt and skirt combo and not a dress. I thought there may be a chance to use these pieces again if they were separates.

And a tea party! Because ALICE IN WONDERLAND!
This was really fun to work on. I like costumes because they don't have to be perfect.

I think the highlight of trick or treat night here was when a little girl, I believe dressed as Belle, came up and got really, really excited that I was Alice. I had Mimi on my lap (she was playing the role of Dinah) and the little girl would pet Mimi, then look at the eyelet hem on my apron, and pet Mimi, and look at my hem and she kept saying "It's Alice!" It was far too cute and one of the best trick or treat experiences:)

I also created a dark green suit for a friend, using a Kwik Sew pattern, so he could be the Riddler. I then fell in love with Kwik Sew patterns and intend to use them again. The third costume was my boyfriend's Dr. Horrible lab coat. It turned out really well, and I had to learn how to embroider by hand to make the patch for  his pocket.

Halloween sewing may just be my favorite kind:) And now it's on to Christmas sewing! WOO!