Friday, May 6, 2011

Progress Report

I don't have pictures of anything at the moment so this is just my little update.

I finished one prom dress a few weeks ago and my friend's prom is this weekend (tomorrow to be exact!) so I should have some pictures to share soon. Her theme was Jungle, and the dress is quite fitting to that. I'll keep you waiting for more:)

My other prom dress is shaping up, it needs a small alteration, a zipper and some beading and it'll be all ready for her prom next Saturday! And she tried it on the other day and loved it (which makes me feel awesome!)

I took a small break from dresses and drafted myself a pair of bermudas. I was really sad looking at all my beautiful fabrics I bought in NYC and knowing I haven't been able to use any of them, so I have shorts! But the kind of shorts I can wear to work, which is very useful. I normally don't like to wear shorts or capris, so I surprised myself when I started loving the bermuda length. They are very comfortable and I know I will be using my pattern over and over again, and hopefully soon because I need a few more things to wear for Me-Made-June!

So that's pretty much life right now, like I said, pictures will follow I just don't happen to have them yet!

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