Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday Night

Well, yesterday I did something I don't usually do. I paid FULL PRICE for a pair of pants. But they're wonderful and they go with my sweater so :P haha.

Anyways, the doggie coats are done! And they look pretty adorable! They were just picked up and they were very loved! I don't have pictures of the scotties in their coats but I do have pictures of the coats!

One for each Scotty girl in each school theme

My signed graduation dog modeling one coat

And the back!

Schools being proudly displayed

I must say, these were a hoot from the beginning, I never really thought I'd be making dog coats but they are cute and pretty simple.. the embroidery and iron-on transfers gave me the most grief. And it was the first time I've worked with nylon rip-stop fabric, which was interesting, but I think the fleece lining gives them nice shape.

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