Sunday, February 13, 2011

More dresses!

The soda can dress has been submitted to the eco-show! I went to Cleveland on Wednesday and Thursday to drop it off and decided that I may as well add another piece to the line-up... Soooo... I stayed at the school for 9 or 10 hours, with the exception of a Mexican lunch at El Jalapeno with some friends:)

And here is the result:

This dress came about with some help from the VMCAD archives. I used some old, used couch upholstery trim for the weaving on the side and the strap, the lace on the swoop is vintage trim from the archives, and the rest of the fabric and notions came from the sewing lab bins! 8ish hours of work total and cost nothing! 

I decided that since model fittings are not scheduled until sometime this week I could put together another look. So I did! With the help of not working today haha:


 This was supposed to be much more elaborate and decorated than it is. I was planning on covering all of the green in one form of plastic bag "origami" if you will. But as it turns out I really liked the green fabric- which I rescued from the lab when I was still in school.. it was never going to be used if I didn't take it! I didn't feel like the whole dress needed covered so I just used some plastic bag braids to dress up the top and a plastic flower at the waist, because it's pretty.

So needless to say, I've been sewing (and driving) a lot this week and it has been wonderful!

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