Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I know that statement holds a lot. But it's true. I've been wrestling with myself for a few months now about whether or not I'm really good enough to say "I'm a fashion designer" or even "I can sew and make clothes" but as I tried on my unfinished bodice tonight I realized...

I make beautiful things.

And it's true! I do! I'm thrilled that I've finally remembered that!  And to prove it, here's where the pictures begin:

Yesterday was "movie day" in my book. I managed to watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Sixteen Candles, Shakespeare in Love, AND Marie Antoinette. During Marie Antoinette I decided to start working out ideas that have been floating around in my head and by the time the movie was over I had this:

It's a bodice right now but I still think it's absolutely lovely. I'm looking forward to finishing the whole dress!



  1. Becky this is gorgeous! You DO make beautiful things! So excited to see you have a blog where I can keep up with your projects :)

  2. Katie! I decided it was about time to start blogging haha! And thanks:)

  3. This is beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished!